"Une nouvelle voix et un style characteristique remarquable qui pourrait bien conquerir les amants de l'original" 2011

A devilish rhythm, a galloping melody and a captivating voice
"Un rythme endiablé, une mélodie chaloupée une voix envoutante" 2012

A guitar, a voice
Direct from Scotland comes a new talent full of energy and hope, her name is Jenny L. Lewis, an author, composer,singer and guitarist with a new album and collaboration entitled 'Jenny and the Kelts'.
Flash back: very young, Jenny made her debut as a singer of the group 'Elemental' at 13, a kind of jazz / funk band, an adventure that lasted for three years, after she continued to perform on her own but also joined the progressive rock genre with the group 'Sensitive to Light', and later formed 'Not for capture'in which she participated in the composition of the songs 'Real World', 'Sleeping Volcano', 'Carpe Diem', 'Memories', 'Invisible', 'Where has the love gone' among others...
The experience with groups has left Jenny three albums: "Almost Human", "From the ancient world" (Sensitive to Light: Cyclops records 06/07) and "People" (Not for capture: The mantis productions 2007).
It is with a new musical potential and the desire to express her emotions that Jenny, inspired by her home land, love, nature, human nature, spirituality and hope that she wrote 22 new songs and after testing them in various Parisian bars decided to audition with her guitar and her songs to do the warm up act for the group Sales tiques! in 2010. The groupe adopted the singer and “Jenny and the Kelts” was born, the fourth production by the Scottish singer resident in France with new songs such as: 'Boundaries', 'Hunting' 'Tall white larks', 'Rollercoaster','Picking up the peices'...
Jenny and the team assemble different musical styles, Jenny her self is influenced by Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bjork, Pj Harvey, Alanis Morisette...not to mention her musical family and the team bring their experience and a celtic touch to the musical arrangements introducing instruments such as the bagpipes, violin and celtic harp all carefully placed on perfectly adapted bass and drum parts.
Jenny is able to generate, with her voice, magic, emotion and fantasy. With her creations, she takes us on a musical journey with a mix of rhythms combined with the intense sweetness, interpreted with great skill that can get into a rock register in the style of PJ Harvey.

Jenny is presently recording the album with the musiciens, Frédéric PARIOT, Dominic COUSIN, Dominic TISSANDIER, Fred KOLINSKI and the sound engineer Catherine in Les Valées studio...

"Jenny L. Lewis settled in the European music scene with a new voice and a remarkable style that could conquer the lovers of the original. Her music caters to the public who wish to explore another world."
"The young author, could earn success through the fans of great artists such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow or Bjork". Maribel CRUZ 2011